What I Like

We often tend to go through life measuring everything in terms of money, cash and the bank balance.  It’s referred to as wealth.

Well, first we need to establish what currency we are working in.  Do we want just to have money, or is there a currency called quality of life?  What’s your currency?  Is it access to things of grandeur and beauty, do you have to own everything or can you just appreciate what is there before you.  Is it relationships, family, pets, quiet, serenity – or an outrageously energetic and bizarre lifestyle?  The following pictures demonstrate things which to me, are – nice, beautiful, accessible and frankly need not cost a lot.  They are without stress, they are here at my doorstep every day and I don’t have to pay a fortune for them.  I didn’t have to walk over a whole load of people to get to them and I can share them with anyone without losing anything – in fact sharing often enhances.

I am disappointed when people want to gather such things in to themselves, exclude others and act selfishly – there is no need of that – but it happens.  So why not ask yourself what currency you operate in and ask yourself if it really has to be measured in £, Euros, $ or whatever.  There’s a lot to be said for sharing and working together and supporting each other.  OK so you don’t get filthy rich in monetary terms, but you do get rich in life.

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