Spikeskiff – MOONBEAM

This is an Iain Oughtred design.  A lightweight rowing boat useful for pottering about.  I managed to modify the two I have built to have four transparent panels in the bottom – very nice to drift over shallow water watching what is going on underneath the boat.

The transparent panels are 10mm polycarbonate let into the bottom and bolted in position.  You feel as though you need to avoid stepping on them however they are really strong and in fact when Moonbeam was picked up off the park by a strong gust and thrown up in the air to land on the beach breaking her back, the polycarbonate proved to be the strongest part of the boat!!  Maybe I need to do the repairs with polycarbonate instead of ply!

One think I need to do with the boat is to move the rowing thwart forward, else add a second rowing thwart.  The reason is that if you are sitting in the middle of the boat and rowing with a passenger in the stern, the bow points at the sky and it looks a bit stupid, however if you move forward to a second for’rard rowing position then the boat looks normal – might try that one and it is pertinent to many other small dinghies and tenders.

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